Making time for “me” time

Happy Tuesday! As we head into summer months, actually a super busy time for musicians, it’s important as ever to allow time for self care. Even if it’s just 10 or 20 minutes a day, take a break from practicing or work and read a book, watch a favorite show, or just sit peacefully in silence. It’s important to let your body physically and mentally process everything, and to enjoy what you’re doing! Taking mindful breaks will only improve physical and mental health.

Going one step further, keep it positive! Practicing something over and over can get super frustrating and irritating, especially if you’re busy/under stress, and it’s important for us to step back once in awhile and say hey, what I’m doing is awesome! We’re critiquing ourselves to a microscopic degree every day and constantly comparing ourselves to others, beating ourselves up if we don’t get something or letting others’ judgments define us. Know that what YOU are doing is amazing, and keep rocking it! Write yourself little positive reminder sticky notes on your mirror, music, fridge, whatever it takes to know that you are worth it and have every right to be confident. Be you. YOU are a badass!



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